The Proof is in Remembering

Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To by Anthony DeStefano.

It’s a new book I’m reading and for the next ten days I will write a brief excerpt from each chapter, beginning today with the Introduction…or at least comment that upon looking back over my life, I can see where each of these ten prayers has been answered for me. The proof is in remembering.

Here is an excerpt from the author’s Introduction:

How would you like to have incredible, unshakable faith–the kind that could withstand any crisis and any amount of suffering? How would you like to have as much courage and strength as the bravest war hero? the wisdom to solve all the problems you’ll ever face in life? How would you like to have peace–the kind of deep, inner tranquility that can carry you safely and smoothly through all of life’s problems? to experience the most passionate feelings of love, intimacy, and connectedness–no matter how alone you may feel right now? How would you like to know your destiny–a unique destiny God has chosen for you from the beginning of time, a destiny so grand in scope and heroic in proportions that it dwarfs all your dreams–a destiny you can still have no matter what your age, job, or position in life? All these things can be yours, and all you have to do is ask.

Tomorrow: I Wish I Could Believe…God Show Me That You Exist

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