Can Wanting Make It So?

You have to want to move beyond the circumstances of your situation. I don’t know who said or wrote it, but this sentence came to me at a time in my life when I was blaming circumstances for my situation at the time. Until facing the willingness to move beyond the circumstances, the situation remained the same. At that time it was a broken marriage.

Other people have difficulty with developing their faith, and stay stuck in that situation because of circumstances that limit their ability to believe. Realizing that the wanting to move beyond is the answer, opens the door to actually moving on.

Still others stay stuck in unsatisfying relationships because the circumstances keep them from wanting to move on.

Some people are forever in a negative financial position because of the fear of facing the first steps of whatever it would take to change that situation.

Wanting to move beyond the circumstances of any situation is the key to moving beyond. We have to want the outcome of a changed situation enough to move beyond the circumstances.

This has been one of the best pieces of advice to enter my life because it made me stop and think about how sometimes really wanting something can be a good thing.

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