Just Say Yes

Here is an excerpt from his book, “The Quest of Character” by Charles R. Swindoll. It was brought to my attention by the late Rev. Frank Conkey, a former pastor of my church, and later a guest pastor upon occasion.

“As the pages of the calendar turn, and turn again, we’re reminded of the Lord’s power to change the times and the seasons. Brisk blustery days replace hot, still ones. Flowers grace the fields and then fade away. Leaves bud on naked limbs, open wide to the summer breeze then die in a flame of color. Take time today to rejoice in God’s presence as you acknowledge his right to bring change into your life. Are you sensitive to his working? Are you listening? Are you available and open to change? Tell him today.”

Just say yes. “Yes, Lord, I am listening and I am open; let me hear your word.”

Here too, is an excerpt of a prayer by Rev. Conkey:

“We pray for men and women in middle life who handle adjustments wisely and skillfully, who not only enjoy success but carry defeats and losses with courage; for older persons who keep youthful in spirit and vision, and have steadfast faith in you.”

These writings came to me at a challenging time in my life and were very apropos. By listening and being open to change, we are able to make transitions in our lives with less difficulty.

Are you sensitive to His working? Are you listening? Are you available and open to change?

Just say yes.

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