Buyer Beware Part Two

It happened in a supermarket. My eleven-year-old grandson had accompanied me on a short shopping trip for a few groceries.

“Look, Nana, these chocolate bars are only sixty-nine cents!” He was old enough to know the price of candy. What are grandmas for if not to treat their grandchildren once in awhile, so I told him to get one each for himself and younger brother, and one for me.

We went through the checkout and Liam had scarfed his bar down before we had left the store.

I always check my receipts and was surprised to see that the candy bars had cost a dollar-twenty-five instead of the sixty-nine cents advertised.

There was nothing I could do about Liam’s bar but I took the other two back to the store and presented the cashier with the difference in prices and was told it was not these bars on sale but another brand.  And it was indeed the case when I checked the display. The sale price was in bold letters and the brand on sale was in fine print. Our chocolate bars, a different brand, were smack in the middle of the display, and not on sale.

I told the clerk that an eleven-year-old wasn’t about to read the fine print on a candy sale sign and that the non-sale candy should not have been on that display. I asked for and received a refund. The amount was less than two dollars but the lesson to all concerned was invaluable.

Leviticus 19:11 says in part, “Do not deceive one another.”

Again, buyer beware.

2 thoughts on “Buyer Beware Part Two

  1. Well Done, it seems to be an every day occurence now that we all endure when we step foot in a shop or supermarket, methinks they don’t read or abide by the scriptures and it’s a true saying ” buyers beware ” Have a nice day and pleased your grandson enjoyed his chocolate bar 🙂

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