Pray For Those Who Treat You

Many years ago I began praying for Ambulance, Fire, and Police cars whenever I saw them or heard sirens, either close by or at a distance; well, not actually the vehicles but their occupants, and ultimately the people they were going to rescue.

Last Sunday, our church had as a guest, a representative from the EMS. (Emergency Medical Services) This young man spoke to our children before they went to Children’s Ministry, and then to our congregation. He was articulate, informative and obviously a very caring person.

What struck me the most was that he asked for prayer; prayer for his profession and colleagues. It touched me in a way that made me thankful for the prayers I sent their way, and for further prayers that would now be forthcoming.

What a blessing these men and women are to us on a daily basis, going about their business of saving lives, and encountering sometimes horrific scenarios which often leave them traumatized.

These are people we often take for granted, and now that we know they need our prayers, let us pray for those who treat us.


2 thoughts on “Pray For Those Who Treat You

  1. Very good post Patricia. I always think to myself “wow, someone is having a bad day” when I see an ambulance. But what you said about the horrific things they must see and deal with hits home. They do have a very difficult job. One member of my church picks up bodies for the local coroner’s office. I know he has a job I couldn’t nor wouldn’t want at all!

    It’s good to offer up a prayer for these people as you have mentioned Patricia. God is right, (as always), there are so many things we should be praying to Him about! Steve

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