Gold Star Junkie

downloadDo you like to be appreciated; to be told you’re doing a good job, to be loved for who you are?

I saw an interview with author Gretchen Rubin and Oprah Winfrey last night. Gretchen wrote The Happiness Project, a book about creating your own happiness by concentrating on what you can change in your life to make happiness a reality rather than a longing.

The following are some of the helpful hints mentioned in the book:

Be yourself (authentic)

Let it go (the garbage we carry)

Act the way you want to feel (sing in the morning)

Be polite and be fair (respect others)

Don’t be calculating (don’t expect return favors)

There is only love (love is the tonic)

Oprah asked Gretchen if she liked to be praised (don’t we all?) and Gretchen’s response was, “Oh yes! I’m a gold star junkie. I loved to see those gold stars on the top of my homework when I was a child.”

Someone once said to me, “You only like to hear good things.” Well, yes, I do. It makes me happy to hear good things. It makes me happy to be appreciated, to be truly loved for who I am. But it makes me happier to see others happy and to help contribute to their happiness in any small way.

While visiting someone in hospital, she made this remark, “It makes me happy to see your face.” Gold Star!

Yup, I’m a gold star junkie…and a gold star goes to all who read this blog.

2 thoughts on “Gold Star Junkie

  1. A good post! We can all identify with the joy of good news. Most can appreciate making another’s day a bit brighter by having a part in it, no matter how small. I suppose if I must hear bad news, I only want it if it helps lead to a brighter tomorrow in some way. Gold stars can shine through after the darkness passes by…

    Steve 🙂

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