World, Take Heed

What was going on in the world in 1995 that inspired the following poem? I’m not sure that I remember, but what is going on in Paris and other parts of the world at this time has inspired me to re-post it. It just seems fitting, somehow. Here then is:


People dead

before their time,


of some heinous crime.

Callous killers,

world’s worst foes,


of God only, knows.

Wars created

through sheer greed,


of abnormal need.


whose rule a hoax,


of the peoples’ votes.

Our planet Earth,

soon indigent,


of our ignorance.

World, take heed!

The time has come

for remedy

lest you become

the victim.



One thought on “World, Take Heed

  1. Seems we always have the “bad” of the world in various forms to inspire such words as these. What a shame in Paris. Sadly, the world will always have the haters, the misguided, the insane. But they will not escape the wrath which is coming upon the world for all of these monsters cannot escape God’s judgment…not even one!

    Good post…relevant in 1995, just as much so in 2015!


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