24 Hours to Live

This is a very thought-provoking piece by Butch Dean, fellow blogger.

Wordsmith's Desk


If we knew we only had 24 hours to live, what would we put off until tomorrow. Have you ever thought about it? Procrastination, low priorities and hard feelings may waste more of our time than we might think.

For most of us, I am certain if we found out, at this moment, that we only had 24 hours left, there would be such a panic and scurrying around such as has never been seen since the fox got into the hen house.

I have witnessed families and patients in hospice who were trying to catch up for time lost by poor choices. Now they truly only had 24 hours left. It was heartbreaking to see. All that can be gained by a situation like that is pray that those who are left start making better choices, especially regarding family.

Maybe, what we consider important may not be very important measured…

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