Someone recently asked me, “Are you still churching?” Once, when I was overseas, I was asked if I missed going to church. The answer to the first question was an emphatic “yes”. The answer to the second was that I don’t need a building to go to church; church is in my heart.

However, when I do go to church, this is the one I attend, and when I’m unable to attend, this is the one I carry in my heart; my church, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, Scarborough. This is where I am today. Happy Sunday.

2 thoughts on ““Churching”

  1. Sometimes I’ve thought “Do I really need church?” because of my a deep faith and reliance on my Lord and Savior, then I ask what would I deprive myself off if I wasn’t around fellow believers. The plus for you and me both is St Andrews Scarborough it’s a very special place and group of sincere caring people, plus superb Pastoral leadership. God’s gift to us all and a joy to experience.

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