Planning Ahead

Oh, my goodness! I have heard of organized people but there is one who tops them all in my books.

This young lady is expecting her second son in November. She is a model wife and mother, but also a model career woman.

When she was three months into her pregnancy she approached the day care center where her soon-to-be two-year-old attends and asked about future availability for son number two.

Upon hearing that the facility was booked up until September, 2018, Laura immediately responded, “I’ll take the first opening in October.” We’re talking October 2018 here!

This coming babe is a no-name so far, with several names in the offing, so when asked for a deposit and the name of the child to attend, Mommy put up her money and said, just save the spot with the name, Shaw’s baby brother.

That’s what I call powerful positive thinking and really planning ahead.

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