A Lifetime Guarantee

After suffering the consequences of a dripping water faucet (higher water bills) I decided a DIY (do it yourself) was in order. A conversation with one of my granddaughters led me to a You Tube tutorial which detailed the procedure.

The faucet is a Moen which carries a lifetime warranty but of course, after twenty-five years the receipt was long gone. A trip to Home Depot to get the needed cartridge proved Moen’s policy…the cartridge was free!

Replacing the cartridge was no easy task for this eighty-one-year-old great-grandmother but perseverance paid off. An hour later the faucet was fixed. (Hate to admit a guy could have done it in ten minutes.)

Thanks to my granddaughter’s advice, Home Depot’s ready compliance, Moen’s steadfast promise and my own tenacity, the faucet is now dripless and still has a lifetime guarantee.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life came with the same warranty? Happy Saturday.




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