Remembering a Guide Dog

Here is another lovely poem by my sister about one of the guide dogs she trained and sent out into the world to help the blind.

Sam, a Guide Dog

I walked beside you one last time

though you didn’t know that it was I

along a path of autumn gold

beneath a brilliant azure sky.

Another walks beside you now

The one that you were chose to guide

I watched as you strolled along

Older now and still so wise

Memories came and in my mind

I saw you as the pup I raised

Happy, leaping, full of fun

You were the easiest to train

Years have past and here we meet

Quite accidentally and to my surprise

Even though I smile with pride

I feel the tears in my eyes

Time cannot erase love that’s shared

And even though we had to part

And you belong to someone else

Still you live within my heart 

©Mary Frances Martin








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