Pick and Choose

This is about memories and how we pick and choose them.  I choose to think of the good things in life worth remembering, whether it was in childhood, teen years, young adult, and even advancing years.

Remembering childhood, there were not so many good memories but they can be ferreted out and cherished for what they are, leaving the not-so-good to remain unbidden.

Teen and young adult years again bring a mix of good and not so good memories but the good far outweigh the latter.

What I am getting at here is we all have memories of many kinds and it is up to us to pick and choose the ones that add to today’s happiness….and the ones that don’t…well it is best to let them go unless they have some merit in our lives today.

The lesson to be learned is that everything we have ever endured whether good or bad has been to enhance our progress through life. If we choose to focus on the unpleasant memories then, of course, they could impact our lives in a way that could be detrimental to today’s happiness.

If we choose to pick the pleasant memories to focus on, then today’s happiness quotient goes up a notch or two.

To me, it is most obvious that anything pleasant is good for the soul, and anything that stirs up angst is best left forgotten…unless it can be used therapeutically. It’s up to us to pick and choose.





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