C’mon! Are You Kidding Me?

What is going on in this world of ours?

A few days ago a radio commentator talked about a group of about six hundred people that is declaring the earth is flat, not round; no ifs ands or buts! (Are we the only square planet in the universe?)

Someone is still trying to build walls instead of knocking them down.

A leader who ran a campaign on transparency, among other sunshiny things, is now embroiled in an alleged cover-up.

People are demonstrating in the streets of many parts of the world in some protest or other, while taking sticks and bricks to properties of others, and setting cars on fire.

Thieves are smashing retail windows at 3:00 a.m. and helping themselves to cash and valuables belonging to hard working merchants.

A young woman was videoed throwing a chair from a high rise condo balcony onto a busy street below.

My driveway was no sooner cleared of snow when along came a plow and dumped a load of the white stuff at the bottom of it.

C’mon! Are you kidding me?

The good news is a smaller plow came along and cleared it away.

Did you have a happy Valentine’s day, yesterday?





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