The Older I Am Getting

Yesterday I was introduced (not physically) to Alan Jackson, American country singer and song writer. I tuned him in on You Tube, heard this song, and thought it would be nice to share some music again.

We are all getting older but some of us are counting the few years we have left rather than the many years we have lived. Alan sums it up in his song, “The Older I Get.” It made me feel better about the older I am getting. (Alan is sixty years young.)

2 thoughts on “The Older I Am Getting

  1. Thank you, my friend for the introduction to “ the Older I Get “ and Alan Jackson. I played it several times just to capture his many lines of wisdom.

    I especially like the one…… The older I get…. the more thankful I feel for the life I’ve had and all the life I’m living, still. Also, The older I get…. the people you love and not the money and stuff that makes you rich.

    I also listened to “ Stroll Over Heaven “. Wonderful !!!

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