What are the Chances?

My name is Patricia Ann Boyes.

Last Thursday I was on a bus trip from Scarborough, Ontario to Cambridge, Ontario to attend a production of Annie at the Hamilton Family Theater.

On the armrests of some of the theater seats were small memorial plaques in memory of someone’s loved one who had passed away.

The memorial plaque on my seat read, Joanne Louise Boyes. It took my breath away.

Joanne was my niece. She died twenty years ago at the tender age of eighteen years.

This theater has a five-hundred seat capacity and busloads of people attended the performance of “Annie” that day.

What are the chances that Patricia Ann Boyes would occupy the seat dedicated to Joanne Louise Boyes, the niece whose life had sadly  ended all those years ago.

I repeat…what are the chances?

Interior and exterior image of Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge

4 thoughts on “What are the Chances?

  1. 500 to 1 is the obvious answer, I’m thinking along the lines that when we care we will always get an answer to our thoughts and longings, was it Joanne’s way of saying thanks for remembering I’m Ok.

  2. What an incredible coincidence, which was no coincidence at, but a tender mercy. (I believe the odds are much greater than 500 to 1. You have to factor in not only the number of seats and visitors in that theater, but the number of theaters in the area, the number of days in the year, the number of shows in the year, and many other variables. I would say more like 5 million to one, or greater.)

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