Coffee Time Again

Hi Friends. Let’s catch up. It’s been over two years since we sat down to coffee together; I know…a couple of you prefer tea. It’s all good.

As usual, my question to you is what’s new and interesting in your life? Oh my goodness, you moved from the USA to Aberdeen, Scotland and had a baby girl shortly afterwards? How wonderful!

And you, my friend,  sipping on your cuppa tea there; you had serious surgery on your back a few months ago and have been sidelined from your normal life? I do hope that complete healing is just around the corner for you.

You just celebrated your ninetieth birthday? Wow! And your husband celebrated his ninety-ninth? Double Wow!! Congratulations to both of you.

And you there, young lady, you’re telling me you started your own home decor and staging business? Good for you! You’ll be amazing at it.

Yes, I know this Corona Virus has the world turned upside down but Easter has passed, reminding us that miracles do happen. Until next time, let’s expect one shall we? Happy Tuesday.





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