How many of us watched as twenty-four-year-old Buffalo Bills player, safety, Damar Hamlin, suffer a cardiac arrest during a football game with the Cincinnati Bengals on January 2nd.

I didn’t. I don’t follow football, but did see many replays on the news channels, and what I saw was heart rending as well as heart warming.

Big burly men were seen praying heartfelt prayers with visible tears on their faces. The love poured out on the Cincinnati football field for that young man was palpable.

It inspired me to watch the team play the New England Patriots on January 8th…and the love was still palpable. From what I could see, every player displayed Damar’s helmet slogan CHOOSE LOVE on their own helmets. Damar’s number 3 was also displayed on jerseys, caps, and in the stands as well.

The updates on Damar are all positive and his prognosis looks like all those prayers were answered.

My prayer is that all the criminals and warmongers out there watched as well and are inspired to stop killing and help make the world a better place by adopting Damar Hamlin’s slogan, CHOOSE LOVE.


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