Let Me Be a Blessing

Let me be an inspiration
to the would-be uninspired,
let me soothe and comfort
when a mind becomes too tired.

Let me have the insight
to know when there’s a need,
let me be a blessing, Lord,
and do a loving deed.

Let me lend a helping hand
without the need to ask,
let me ease the burden
of another person’s task.

Let me bring some happiness
and let there be a time
for me to be a blessing, Lord,
to those whose lives touch mine.


15 thoughts on “Let Me Be a Blessing

  1. Just read this for the first time, it is both beautiful and poignant. A great motto to live by . Yet another way to say “Do unto others as you would wish they do to you”. You really are a ray of sunshine, even on a dull day.

  2. This has a timeless effect on one’s psyche, as I try to find an unobtrusive way to help a good friend who is down on his luck I was drawn back to it for inspiration. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

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