Can Wanting Make It So?

You have to want to move beyond the circumstances of your situation. I don’t know who said or wrote it, but this sentence came to me at a time in my life when I was blaming circumstances for my situation at the time. Until facing the willingness to move beyond the circumstances, the situation remained the same. At that time it was a broken marriage.

Other people have difficulty with developing their faith, and stay stuck in that situation because of circumstances that limit their ability to believe. Realizing that the wanting to move beyond is the answer, opens the door to actually moving on.

Still others stay stuck in unsatisfying relationships because the circumstances keep them from wanting to move on.

Some people are forever in a negative financial position because of the fear of facing the first steps of whatever it would take to change that situation.

Wanting to move beyond the circumstances of any situation is the key to moving beyond. We have to want the outcome of a changed situation enough to move beyond the circumstances.

This has been one of the best pieces of advice to enter my life because it made me stop and think about how sometimes really wanting something can be a good thing.

God’s Advice

Working in Pastoral Care and as an Elder, and even just because of friendships, I am always searching for words of comfort and hope to relay to people who suffer some of life’s toughest tragedies, especially the loss of loved ones.

Yesterday I happened upon three bits of advice from three different sources, all from unknown writers. I’m sharing them here:

Although we grieve and hurt in a tragic situation, it still is not about us…it is about God.

Everything that happens in life is ultimately between God and the person involved in the  happening.

Don’t let tragedy steal your trust in God.

I’m always thankful when timely tidbits come my way to share with those who may be in need of what I think of as God’s advice.

Some Sound Biblical Advice

Most people who know me know how much I love my Bible. Some even wonder why. Well, I’m here to try to answer that question.

I have found such good advice and lessons for living in the Bible that it would be difficult for me to put it aside. And here’s an example:

In the New Testament we find Paul in his second letter to Timothy giving this advice…

Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels…instead be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 2 Timothy 2:23,24

Does that not sound like a lesson in living?

Here is an acronym for the Bible…






Makes good sense to me.


Advice Well Taken

On July 5th, I posted “Some Good Advice”. It seemed to be a bit of a flop. Always curious as to the “why” of things, I wondered if a different title and some serious editing would change the results; so here is my first reblog….

The first time I was asked to prepare and present a prayer to our congregation a few years ago, my knees knocked, my voice trembled–no–shook, and my mouth was so dry the words seemed to stick to the roof of it.

Once, I was asked to write a poem and read it aloud to over two hundred and fifty people. The thought terrified me, but it was for our Pastor’s tenth anniversary, and rather than disappoint, I pushed through the same fear and symptoms as the first time.

At some point I came across the following advice taken from different sources, and it eased my speaking burden somewhat. It also appeared to put a new slant on my writing; I found words seemed to come much easier. I’d like to share it with others who may sometimes feel the fear of facing an audience with their own written word.


Polish and elegance can sometimes leave an audience quite cold. Experience and sincerity never fail to move them. We can never bring to anyone else an experience which we have not had ourselves.

We must always be willing to learn about ourselves. The last thing that most of us know is ourselves. It takes humility to know oneself.

Ask God for a calm spirit and the right words to say.

Unlock your inner strength; talk of those things that will make people the better for listening to you (R.W. Trine)

God gave you a message to share…don’t keep it to yourself. (Our Daily Bread) (I think!)

The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue to know the word that sustains the weary. (Isaiah, 50:4)

I am the Lord your God…I have put my words in your mouth…(Isaiah, 51:15,16)

Even as the Lord was preparing you to serve in his church, he was preparing others to be in a position to receive what you have to give them. He has paved the way for your ministry to be effective. In other words, others need what the Holy Spirit prompts you to prepare and give them. (Relying on the Holy Spirit…Charles Stanley, page 90).

Looking back, I can see how all of this advice worked for me in three talks I gave: Not to Worry, The Way I See It, and one about My Precious Life, before it was published.

Was it advice well taken? I think so.