I’m a Believer

I believe I was born a believer, but it took the better part of my life for me to realize this as a fact. It’s only in looking back, as I have in writing this book, that I can see God’s hand in my life from the day I first poked my head into this world.

Chapter Forty  –  I’m A Believer

The old, white, clapboard church sat on an angle of land in Pottageville, Ontario. I was four years old when its tolling bell beckoned me. Pottageville is a small hamlet between Schomberg to the west, and Kettleby to the east, along the Aurora Road, north-west of Toronto. My grandma’s small, tar paper house was set back from the road with lots of yard space for my sister, Mary, and me to play. Every Sunday I hung over the barnwood fence, gazing longingly as people streamed up the road towards the church, and disappeared through the wide open door. As I watched, I wondered what went on in there. I begged my grandmother to let me go to church, and one hot, summer morning she dressed me in a pretty white, cotton dress with tiny pink buttons down the front. Pink ankle socks and white shoes completed my outfit. Grandma pulled my long hair tautly into a thick braid that bounced on my back as I skipped happily along the country road. I was greeted at the church door by a pretty lady. “Are you by yourself?” she asked……. “Everything is possible for him who believes.” (Mark 9:23) Tomorrow:  An excerpt from Hal Bennett’s book, Writing From the Heart; one of the many inspirations that led to the writing of My Precious Life.

The Still Small Voice

To me, it is astounding what we hear when we open ourselves to listening for more than life’s day-to-day babble. “Faith comes by hearing” are not empty words.

Chapter Twenty-Two   –  The Still Small Voice

Not long after the first experience, which inspired my resignation from my job at the hospital, I received some spiritual literature in the mail that was very thought- provoking. To this day, I don’t know what that material was, but one passage in particular prompted me to contact a dear friend who was in a life-threatening situation at that precise time. She was experiencing an extremely toxemic pregnancy.

It was her mother who answered my call, and told me that my friend, Anna, was in hospital at that moment, in grave danger of losing her life, and also the baby she was giving birth to……

….and after the fire a still small voice….(1 Kings 20:12 KJV)

Tomorrow  –  The Gift of Faith  –  A Lesson in Believing