Coming and Going

Saturdays come and go. Some are really good and some, not so. Whatever you have planned for your Saturday, whether coming or going, I pray that your day will be pleasant, energizing and full of love. Happy Saturday.

Saint So and So

Last Sunday’s sermon, “The Feast of Saint Jim”, was very inspiring. We learned that as believers, we are all “saints”.

I don’t know about you but I sure don’t feel very saintly; however I do know people who truly deserve that title.

These are people who give of themselves, their time, resources, energy, and never seem to tire of being saintly, although I’m positive that they don’t see themselves as saints.

It was an excellent sermon, “The Feast of Saint Jim”, and offered much food for thought.

If you are wondering who Saint Jim is, just substitute your own name or the names of people you know who not only believe but act on their beliefs. Go ahead…name a few saints you are acquainted with and the next time you are in their company be sure to say, “Hello, Saint So and So.”


A Saturday Prayer

Some of us don’t always have the energy we need to fulfill the tasks set before us, and some of us become spiritually depleted. Even a weekend doesn’t seem to energize us. Here is a prayer from Norman Vincent Peale which I may have posted before but is always helpful. Happy Saturday.

A Prayer for Energy

Dear Lord, I need more energy and strength. I seem drained and tired and do not seem to possess what it takes to do all that I must do. I know that the wrong kind of thoughts can make one tired. Change my thoughts that they may be in harmony with your power. 

Nature walks:

Nature’s Energy

Have you ever watched a pair of squirrels chasing each other up and down trees, across telephone cables, or simply in circles on a lush lawn? Such energy! I’d love to clock their speed.

Our days may not be filled with that kind of energetic behaviour, but just watching those fluffy-tail rodents is enough to make me get up and get moving.

And then there’s the lowly caterpillar inching its way along a blade of grass, expending the least amount of energy. (Or maybe not.)

Nature’s energy is all around us: growing grass and flowers, a gentle breeze, a gusty wind, rustling leaves, thunder, lightning, and bird song.

It’s good to remember that when we feel depleted, we can plug into nature’s energy. Run, squirrel, run!

A Prayer for Energy

Dear Lord, I need more energy and strength.

I seem drained and tired.

I do not seem to possess what it takes to do all that I must do.

I know that the wrong kind of thoughts can make one tired.

Change my thoughts that they may be in harmony with your power. Amen.

Norman Vincent Peale

Just another Sunday prayer.






Rebooting Relationships

Dissension depletes my energy level. Somewhere in one of my self-reflections I admitted to disliking dissension, confrontation, petty peevishness, pessimism and poop scooping. (The only doggie bag I carry is from a restaurant!)

At times in 2014 all of the above (except the doggie thing) cropped up in my life to the detriment of some of my relationships. Some were remedied but one lingered on until today, when I decided it was not going to accompany me into a brand new year if I could help it.

And so I rebooted a relationship. It was frosty at first and I was tempted to abort the whole thing, but perseverence is one of my strengths and what could have been a three minute phone flop turned into an hour-long healing conversation.

Romans 12:18 says If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live in peace with everyone.

Rebooting relationships is a good thing if it is possible, as far as it depends on you.

A Prayer to Start the Day

Dear Lord, thank you for the night’s rest you so graciously gave me.

I am grateful for renewed energy and enthusiasm.

I accept this new day as a wonderful opportunity.

May I use it minute by minute to do your will.

Guide me in every problem, every decision I shall make this day.

Help me to treat everyone kindly and to be fair and just and thoughtful in everything today.

And if I should forget you during this day, oh Lord, please do not forget me.  Amen.

Norman Vincent Peale

The Me I Used To Be

For those who like the poetry posts…(I hope it isn’t a duplicate)…


I miss the me I used to be,

the things I used to do,

I miss the energy and verve

the vim and vigor too.

I miss the way my feet could dance,

the way my body bent,

contorted to the Limbo

(under the pole I went).

I miss the feel of garden soil

where once my hands would dig

while scrunching down to plant the seeds

before my joints got big.

Yes, I miss the me I used to be

and all the things I did,

but even though the body’s old,

inside I’m still a kid.

©July 2014

Thanks to those who ask for the poems…I love poetry too.

Gratefully Yours (Day One)

There seems to be a “gratitude” thing going on these days and I would like to participate. I’m seeing people being grateful on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc., so I’m going to be grateful on my blog for a few days. Would anyone like to join me? It could be a lot of fun  :). Let’s be grateful for five things a day for five days and see where that takes us. It goes without saying that every day I am grateful for the presence of God in my life, so although He is always part of my list, I won’t list Him every day because I tell Him every day. So here goes…

Today I am grateful for:

waking up this morning

having enough milk for my coffee and butter for my toast after forgetting to go shopping for these items

being energized after my fitness class instead of cramped and achy

getting a last minute appointment for a hair cut

Snapd newspaper emailing me the results of their coverage of my book launch on September 6th. (wish I could find a way to share that with you!)

And that’s my gratitude list for today. I can hardly wait for tomorrow!  🙂