Gratefully Yours (Day One)

There seems to be a “gratitude” thing going on these days and I would like to participate. I’m seeing people being grateful on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc., so I’m going to be grateful on my blog for a few days. Would anyone like to join me? It could be a lot of fun  :). Let’s be grateful for five things a day for five days and see where that takes us. It goes without saying that every day I am grateful for the presence of God in my life, so although He is always part of my list, I won’t list Him every day because I tell Him every day. So here goes…

Today I am grateful for:

waking up this morning

having enough milk for my coffee and butter for my toast after forgetting to go shopping for these items

being energized after my fitness class instead of cramped and achy

getting a last minute appointment for a hair cut

Snapd newspaper emailing me the results of their coverage of my book launch on September 6th. (wish I could find a way to share that with you!)

And that’s my gratitude list for today. I can hardly wait for tomorrow!  🙂



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