The Upside of Grief

People all over the world die every day. But when it hits close to home death becomes different; personal, sadder, even poignant.

It happened to me this week. Two of my very close friends died within three days. One was a friend of fifty years and the other’s friendship entwined my life for sixty years.

I will miss these ladies and their enduring friendship very much to say the least. But I take comfort in the fact that they are now truly home. Yes, I do believe in life after death.

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25,26

I also take comfort in knowing that my loss is God’s gain. And that’s the upside of grief.

Happy Sunday.

When Pigs Fly

My best friend had a penchant for pigs. She collected replicas of these kind of cutesy animals by the dozens. It became a challenge to find a pig that Tanya did not have, or to find a birthday card with a pig picture and words that were particularly piggish. It was always fun to find a new pig for my friend’s collection. I once found a singing pig which belted out “My Girl” when it’s belly button was pushed. I can still hear her laughter when she played it for the first time.

Tanya did love her pigs, and yesterday I came across something on Facebook that made me smile my face off when I saw it. I’m posting it here in memory of my dear friend who moved to heaven in 2008. I still miss her very much and it gives me joy to send this flying pig to tell her so.

“Laughter is the Best Medicine”

It is said that laughter is the best medicine, and it goes without saying that laughing does make one feel good. Two days ago while in serious conversation with a friend, some words fell out of my mouth that were completely inappropriate for a Christian elder. The fact that these words aptly fitted a particular part of the conversation made us both laugh at the same time. Between gales of laughter I tried to apologize for being offensive, but it only made us laugh all the more, to the point where we could no longer carry on a conversation. My friend called me yesterday to tell me she was still laughing (as was I), and that she had relayed the conversation to her husband, sending him into fits of laughter.

Please don’t ask me to repeat what was so funny because it might risk being banned from WordPress, or possibly from Session. However, I am still chuckling at this writing, and am so glad my friend is open-minded enough to appreciate the difference between a bad joke and a good laugh.

It is a wonderful feeling to share laughter…it really is good medicine.

Soul vs Ego – Round Two

I’m not sure of the winner of this round as both soul and ego had a hand in this post.

Here is a snippet from an email I received yesterday from a good friend. The message touched my soul, but because it pertains to my book, MY PRECIOUS LIFE, it also touches my ego.

….I just finished your fabulous book. I should have been getting ready to go out but couldn’t put the book down. I won’t get into how much it touched my life but it made me laugh and cry and truly closer to God. I love you for your courage to write and share it with all of us and am blessed to have you for my friend….

See my dilemma? Soul? Ego? You be the referee. I’m down for the count!

The Winning Circle

Today I’m borrowing a story from my book of poems. I wrote it in 1994, and it’s about a parent or adult helping a child become aware of nature, dreams, kindness, and the world in general. I believe it fits nicely into the theme of My Precious Life, if not into the book itself.

The Winning Circle

Come little child, take my hand,
and together we will walk
through a forest green,
by a flowing stream
where the winds and the waters talk.

The sounds they speak
brush against your cheek,
mere words need not be said;
hear the bird’s high trill
from a far off hill,
breathe the scent of a wildflower bed.

Come little child, and take my hand
as the twilight turns to purple;
we’ll dance on a breeze
through the moonlit trees
in search of the winning circle.

We traveled all night
as the moon’s clear light
shone bright on the path before us;
to the chirp of night crickets
and a bullfrog’s loud “ribbits”
we sped through the carpeted forest.

We sometimes grew weary,
but the sound of a cheery
night owl’s encouraging cry
kept us skipping and dancing
and breathlessly prancing
until dawn decorated the sky.

We came to a meadow
and delightfully settled
in a bed of soft grass and flowers;
as dreams drifted o’er us
to refresh and restore us
we slumbered in dawn’s early hours.

We soared t’wards the moon
in a hot air balloon
dodging dazzling stars in night skies;
as we gazed down at earth,
the place of our birth
a vision appeared to our eyes.

We saw wars being fought,
many people distraught
by the horrors happening to them;
we saw famine and disease
and despite the world’s pleas
the good life seemed doomed
for all humans.

Then words soft and clear
in our hearts we did hear,
“Give hope, offer your hand.
Do a kind deed,
help those in need.”
We awoke to the sounds of the land.

As we traveled along, child, you and I,
we came to a town called “Wanting”.
The people there
were hungry and bare,
and the look in their eyes was haunting.

We met a young lad
whose demeanor was sad
for all he wore was a sack;
without further ado
I gave him my shoes
you gave him the shirt off your back.

We tended the sick,
shared our food and our water
until all we could do was done;
then we bade them good-day
and went on our way
in the glow of the setting sun.

Come, little child, take my hand
as we come to our journey’s end;
we have traveled well
and have much to tell,
we must share it with a friend.

We must tell of the need
to do a kind deed,
and to lend a helping hand;
for the world needs us all,
young, old, great and small,
to make it a happier land.

Come, little child, and take my hand
as the twilight turns to purple;
we’ll dance on a breeze
through the moonlit trees
into the winning circle.