“Laughter is the Best Medicine”

It is said that laughter is the best medicine, and it goes without saying that laughing does make one feel good. Two days ago while in serious conversation with a friend, some words fell out of my mouth that were completely inappropriate for a Christian elder. The fact that these words aptly fitted a particular part of the conversation made us both laugh at the same time. Between gales of laughter I tried to apologize for being offensive, but it only made us laugh all the more, to the point where we could no longer carry on a conversation. My friend called me yesterday to tell me she was still laughing (as was I), and that she had relayed the conversation to her husband, sending him into fits of laughter.

Please don’t ask me to repeat what was so funny because it might risk being banned from WordPress, or possibly from Session. However, I am still chuckling at this writing, and am so glad my friend is open-minded enough to appreciate the difference between a bad joke and a good laugh.

It is a wonderful feeling to share laughter…it really is good medicine.

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