The Mustard Seed Gift Shop

“Some day I’m going to have my own business.” It was New Years Eve, 1976, when I made this statement to some of my closest friends. It’s known as planting a seed.


Chapter Eighteen  –  The Mustard Seed Gift Shop

It was Monday, September 16, 1985, when I turned the key in the door of my shop, and took another step on my spiritual journey.

The first trade magazine I received in the store included an article which ended with, “…..when God put a pricing gun in your hand, and said, ‘All Things Are Possible.’” It gave me the tingles when I read it.

I had written a poem with that title in 1984, shortly after resigning from my job at the hospital. The poem is about having faith as a small mustard seed, and was, in part, responsible for me becoming the owner of this shop….

Do I have any power to help myself, now that success has been driven from me? (Job 6:13)

Tomorrow  –  My Answered Prayers  –  A Lesson in Praying


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