The Kid on Second

No matter the sport, there’s a fine line between cheering a team on–shouting what one might think are encouraging remarks–but instead, are discouraging to one or more players. It is not a pleasant scenario.

Chapter Twenty-One  –  The Kid on Second

The batter hit a line drive straight to second base. The player made a valiant attempt to catch the ball but missed, allowing the run to count at first.

“Get that kid off second base. He’s killing the game. C’mon, get him off there!”

It was the blonde screaming like an irate parent. She belonged to our team. The kid at second heard her and hung his head.

There was an overthrow to short stop, a fly ball dropped in center field, and another fumble at second base before the inning was over. The third out was finally called, and the team came off the field, a look of dejection on all nine faces. The score was eight to one for the other team.

“Never mind guys, just get that kid off second and you’ll be okay,” the blonde yelled…..


The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body.(James 3:6)


Tomorrow  –  The Still Small Voice  –  A Lesson in Acknowledging

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