Dancing on a Prayer

How many times have we said to our children, in frustration, “Do as you’re told!” How many times have we, as adults, been given instructions by a doctor (in other words, do as you’re told) only to disregard their advice? After cataract surgery in my fortieth year, I did just that. “Recuperate quietly with no abrupt movements,” the surgeon said.

Chapter Twenty-Four  –  Dancing on a Prayer

There was a party going on in the neighborhood, and I thought it would boost my morale to be with my friends. I told myself I would just sit quietly in a corner, listen to the music, and enjoy some light-hearted conversation.

My toes were tapping to the music in no time. I loved to dance. Soon I was slowly swaying to the music. Surely a little bit of slow dancing wouldn’t hurt. The music became a little more up-tempo, and my body moved to the new beat. Then, the pace picked up even more, and caution was thrown to the wind as my feet found a mind of their own. Disco and jive proved no challenge as the evening wore on. I had such good fun! (But what were the consequences?)

The Lord will keep you from all harm – he will watch over your life….Psalm 121:7

Tomorrow  –  Give Me a Break  –  A Lesson in What You Pray for


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