What’s in a Photograph

Sometimes when we see photographs of another person’s journey, we get that I wish I was there feeling; not out of envy but of keen interest. A friend’s visit to the Holy Land prompted such a feeling in me.

Chapter Twenty-Six  –  What’s in a Photograph?

She was a sales rep for a company selling beautiful posters, and I saw her in my gift shop on a regular basis.

It soon became evident that we had a common bond in spiritual interests. Her name was Jennifer, and she had just returned from a vacation in Jerusalem, the Holy City.

Before her trip, Jennifer promised to bring back photos, and true to her word, she arrived at the shop with a stack of pictures for me to see.

I listened to her description of each interesting photo, but one in particular appeared to be just a hole in a cave.

As I held the picture, waves of tingling energy surged up and down my arms…….

….the hair on my body stood on end. (Job 4:15)

Tomorrow  –  A Pet Named Zoe  –  A Lesson in Pet Sitting


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