A Pet Named Zoe

So many pets had come and gone in my life, that I vowed not to have another one after our last pet, “Kelly, the dog”, went to doggie heaven. It just hurt too much to lose them. Such was not the case, as this next chapter will reveal.

Chapter Twenty Seven  –  A Pet Named Zoe

Zoe was no ordinary cat. She was born in a fishing shack on the shores of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, the last of a litter of six kittens waiting for a home.

Two old fishermen had looked after the kittens since they were born, and they were not pleased to have one left.

Zoe was always underfoot, sniffing out the fish. With a shrug of their bony shoulders, the fishermen decided to get rid of her. She’d make a good meal for someone.

A little girl who had just arrived in Hong Kong from Canada was looking for a pet. Amberley, a slender, blond youngster with legs like a colt, and a frisky personality to match, was walking with her parents and siblings, getting to know their new surroundings, when they saw the fishing shack in the distance. Curious, Amberley scurried ahead to check out this strange looking building. Her parents called words of caution after her. The child poked her head in to investigate the shack, and heard, meow, meow, meow.

“Mom! Dad!” she squealed in delight, “over here, quickly, please!”

….some people have entertained angels….(Hebrews 13:2)

Tomorrow  –  A Mouse in the House  –  A Lesson in Resignation


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