Writing From the Heart

How can I truly make a contribution through my writing? What is my gift and my mission?

This an excerpt from “Writing From the Heart” by Hal Bennett

The most valuable asset we have as writers is ourselves.  Everything that happens to us is potentially raw material for anything we might write.  I am convinced there is such a thing as divine inspiration…it is undoubtedly the most powerful source of our creativity.

We are never more generous, never more blessed, than when we give of ourselves through that little piece of the Creative Spirit that lives in each of us.

Writers need to know how to talk to their readers. The most important and generous thing any of us has to give as a writer is our own voice, how we each experience our lives.       End of excerpt.

I hope you can see how this lovely piece of advice would inspire me to write my story.

Tomorrow:  A Very Spiritual Dream


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