Hit and Miss

I’m really glad I kept a dream journal over the years because those dreams have become a part of my life story, although they didn’t all make it into My Precious Life. It is said that dreams about flying are good, but this next dream was somewhat different in its message. I didn’t quite get it.

The airplane flying over our house sounded like it was in trouble. I could see it losing altitude, nose down, heading for our back yard.

I had this dream three nights in a row, and was due to fly on a bush plane to my daughter and son-in-law’s cabin on Trout Lake in a few days.

The night before leaving, I had this dream.

I was in the cabin alone when I heard the loud, droning sound of a plane in trouble. I stood stock still as it crashed into the cabin and stopped right behind me.

“It hit, but it missed!” I thought.

Once at the cabin, Brian, my son-in-law, took us for a boat ride around the lake.

“There’s Hit and Miss Lodge,” he said, pointing to a resort on a small island. I was astounded to hear those words, and told Brian about my dreams.

He smiled at me and said, “The cabin is on Hit and Miss Bay.”

And now, after all these years, I get it. The message was that there is a message in our dreams.



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