Ask For a Gift

scan0003A few days ago when I wrote the blog, Ned is an Angel, a new blogging friend asked me how I know my angels are around me. That’s a very good  question, and I even asked it myself one day a few years ago. I was recovering from a difficult chemo day, and not too sure of any angels at that point.

A Hay House Radio program was playing on my computer, and I sat back to listen when I heard the word “angel”.

A caller asked, “How do I know my angels are around me?”

The response was, “Ask them for a gift.” That surprised me a little, but then I said to myself, why not?

Feeling a little ridiculous, I nevertheless had the nerve to ask, “Okay, Angels, may I please have a gift?”

I actually voiced it aloud!

I listened to the program for a while longer, but finally gave in to the feeling of fatigue that chemotherapy treatments are famous for, and fell asleep.

The telephone woke me up a few hours later. It was my friend, and former boss at the Canadian Bible Society Book Store, calling to see how I was doing. I had often talked to Betty about my dreams, and how I tried to interpret them.

Now, she told me of a new book that had just arrived at the store, which she was sure I would be interested in: “Dream Language…The prophetic power of dreams, revelations, and the spirit of wisdom” by James W. and Michal Ann Goll.

Of course I was interested! I asked Betty to hold me a copy and I’d come in and buy it on one of my better days.

Her next words blew me away — “I am holding it for you, and when you are ready, come in and pick up your gift.”

I hung up the phone, smiling, and said, “Thank you, Angels.”

It was a one-time occurrence; I never asked for a gift again.

So, Laurie, that’s how I know my angels are all around me.

4 thoughts on “Ask For a Gift

  1. I love that story!! Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s not my nature to ask for gifts. But I have to say, I’m willing to try this. Believe me, I will let you know the outcome. If we were sitting together, in person, I think I could just sit and listen to the stories of your life all day. Just like a small child hanging on to every word as their parent or grandparent would tell of the days gone by. 😊 Such wisdom to be gained from the life you share with all of us. Much love to you my friend.💞

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