Unholy Swearing

This blog is going to be difficult to write because of the nature of the beast, but I’ll do my best to be delicate (not one of my better  known traits!)

All swearing is unholy, but some more so than others. Now, before anyone jumps on me as a holier-than-thou, goodie-two-shoes, let me make it clear that I was, at one time, as guilty of this negative habit as anyone. My youngest daughter, Lynn, came through the door one day and heard me swearing my head off at something or other, and said, “Mom! You have a mouth like a truck driver!” (Sorry, truckers, please don’t take it personally.)

It stopped me mid-curse. She’s right, I thought, I have to stop swearing like this. So I set up a “swear jar”, dropping a quarter into it every time I cussed, and it soon became too expensive to swear.

One day when I was upset over something one of my five had done, I stood stock-still, muttering, “Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges,” etc. Dann, my eldest son, said to no one in particular, “What’s she talking about?” Lynn piped up, “Oh, that’s Mom’s Christian swearing”.

Now, it bothers me no end to hear swearing, especially when it involves God and Jesus.

On Monday, a young man left nothing to the imagination when he asked me what offended me the most about swearing, and bluntly brought God and Jesus into the question along with that particular word that is known as “the –bomb”.

Without hesitation, I answered, “The bomb word is far less offensive to me than the first two you used. It makes me want to cry when I hear God and Jesus referred to in that way.”

“Really? What if people don’t know what it means to say those words?”

I told him that not knowing is one thing, but once made aware of how insulting it is to the Father and Son, to continue in that manner goes beyond blasphemy.

He then asked me if I have ever said anything to people who use that kind of language. (I actually did once, but forgot to tell him that). I told him I silently pray for them, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” which was what Jesus said on the cross. (Luke 23:34)

“Really? That’s interesting.” The young man walked away with a puzzled, yet thoughtful look on his face

If a person feels the need to swear, there are an amazing amount of words to choose from without defaming the deities.

For me, taking God and Jesus out of the swearing equasion is right up there with world peace and a cure for cancer.

As so aptly stated in the The Ten Commandments, number seven to be exact, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God…” (Exodus 20:7) NIV

I pray that no one will find this blog offensive. I tried my best to be delicate but as I said in the beginning, it is not one of my better known traits.

One thought on “Unholy Swearing

  1. I feel the same. I cringe when I hear someone use the Lord’s name accompanied with profanitity. I try very hard to keep my language in check these days. But there was a time when my mouth was just down right ugly. Even at that point in life, I wouldn’t use God’s name with it. As my kids grew up, all of their friends have become a very dear spot in our lives and all of them now call me “Mama”. Lol But as younger people sometimes do, they will let the words fly on occasion. All of my “kids” now know how strong I feel about using God’s name. If someone new is around and it comes out…. All the “kids” look at me, then at them and laugh, saying “you better run, cause Mama’s gonna get you for letting that fall out of your mouth!” HaHaHa!! I try never to be insulting to someone, but if I hear it I will usually same something about the fact that I’m going to move because lighting is about to strike. When the person looks at me with question then I explain to them how bad it upsets God to hear that so I don’t want to be around when He starts throwing the lighting bolts. 😊 This has worked well so far because people who know me, will make an effort now, not to say those words. People probably think bad of me for making light of it but I feel it’s a better approach to getting people to understand the depth of it as opposed to getting mad and lecturing. I just don’t feel lecturing is effective. It sure wouldn’t have been for me when I was in my early 20’s.

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