Dying to Live

A dear friend told me yesterday that her oncologist and other doctors have told her “there’s nothing more we can do for you.” And so sent her home to die. She is a beautiful, vibrant woman between middle age and the “golden years”, and in my opinion, too young to have that prognosis.

And so I began to think about this thing called death: how it comes to every single one of us. No one can escape life without experiencing it, and no one can do anything about it. It is our final act of living. What comes afterwards depends totally on what we believe. I choose to believe that although it is our final act on earth, it is not our final act. The curtain may come down, but is drawn up again–for the encore, if you will. (John 3:16) And to me that is super exciting and worth a round of applause.

What we can do something about is the way we live our lives before the final curtain.

Is there some good we can do? Let’s do it.

Is there some habit to break? Let’s break it.

Is there some wrong we have done? Let’s right it.

Is there animosity to be dealt with? Let’s deal with it.

Is jealousy hurting relationships? Let’s trade it for trust.

Is selfishness a problem? Let’s give until it hurts.

Is a dark mood plaguing our happiness? Let’s try to work through it.

Is someone being hurt by our behaviour? Let’s change our behaviour.

Is our life reflecting true love? Let’s make sure it does.

In all life we should try to remember what is commonly known as “the golden rule”:  So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…Matthew 7:12. (KJV ) It is so important to remember this.

There are those of us who will do some soul searching, and those who won’t. How will you pave your road to death, and your path to Heaven?

To get back to my friend, she is in fact, dying with dignity, yet still searching for life through alternative ways to kill the cancer that is killing her.

She has discovered the truth of true friendship through the generosity of those who care so much about her, that they are doing everything to help her really live her life to the end.

She is one of the bravest women I know: while facing her own mortality, she is thinking of others, and laying the groundwork for their wellbeing after she is gone.

I’m hoping she will tell her own story on my blog in a few days, if she’s up to it, but in the meantime, may I ask for world-wide prayers for this dear soul who is dying to live?


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