Living to Learn

Do you love to learn? There is not a day goes by that I do not yearn to learn something new. Realizing that even pain is a chance to  gain an insight into life’s lessons, what I’ve learned over the past couple of days is to listen to my heart even more often, and to search it for clues as to what brings so much distress, both to ourselves and others.

What I learned (although it is really a re-learning) is we cannot control other people’s thoughts, nor how they choose to interpret life’s messages (and life offers so many messages), or if they even want to learn. How are we motivated to look at life and its challenges? By paying attention to what shows up on our blackboard, and not being too hasty to erase it without looking at all the angles (hypotenuse not included).

Of course, all this is in my humble opinion, but one thing that came out of this morning’s soul searching is the following new poem. It has been a while since a brand new poem has shown up on my pages, and here it is.


Is to love those more

who love us less,

the answer to


Love heals all things,

the pain subsides,

though tears at times

still touch our eyes.

Help us Lord,

to learn from pain,

that we may not

cause hurt again.

But when we do,

may we be wise

and brave enough

to apologize.


I’m learning that as life draws to a close, though we expect to live happily ever after in our winter years, the damn snowballs keep flying! And I’m too old to duck!







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