Who Am I to Cry?

It is so easy to throw a pity party…just invite me, myself, and I, a few bad memories, a couple of hurtful comments, a large box of super soft tissues for the tears and you’re off to the doldrums!

And then some uninvited guests show up. People who actually care about you; who are ready to cry with you, if needed, but more importantly, are there to let you know you’re not alone in sadness.

One such guest showed up this morning, online, and shared with me the story of her cousins who were momentarily about to lose their precious seven-year-old son to cancer. This dear little boy is losing, or has lost, as I write, his battle with that demon disease. I’m crying for this friend and her cousins.

A similar story came my way a couple of years ago, via another friend who witnessed almost the exact same scenario with friends of hers and their seven year old grandson.

A fellow blogger reminded me of the story she posted of her mother succumbing to cancer’s clutches, and the crushing feeling of helplessness she experienced at that time.

And then there was Kristiana, a dear little member of our church, whose face I can see to this day, who also left her family and friends in a state of sadness for her loss, but also a state of happiness for Christ’s gain. She was thirteen and had fought her battle for nine years.


And so I’m reminded, although we don’t expect to be hurt by the ones we love, it happens: whether by death-which is out of our hands-or unkind remarks, which are also out of our hands, we are, if we are caring people, going to be hurt. Guaranteed. It goes without saying, if we don’t care we won’t hurt.

As always, God has a way of catching me off-guard and causing me to smile through my tears. It happened at nine o’clock this morning, when the child in me began to sing “Jesus loves me, this I know…” and that’s all I needed to know. Everything else is secondary.

So, who am I to cry? Just another person who bleeds when cut, and thankful for those who come by with bandages.

May God bless all those who stand by with those boxes of tissues. I love you.





5 thoughts on “Who Am I to Cry?

  1. Andrew died yesterday afternoon. Here is a link to a notice from the local Fire Dept where both his parents worked. Andrew was on the news last fall when he was made an honorary member of the RCMP detachment on his 7th birthday. https://www.facebook.com/kentvillefire/photos/a.152266628238821.33539.125007207631430/489619501170197/?type=1 Yes, I have lots of tears, but I know he was a very loved child and gave a lot of love to many people. Thank you for caring.

    Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 09:55:01 +0000 To: debbie_shanks10@hotmail.com

  2. Thank you for the mention of Krystianna. Christine 416-438-4540 64 Meldazy Drive, Toronto, On., M1P 4G1 >

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