Mrs. Conclusion Jumper

I have a son who has an amazing sense of dry humor, a quick wit, and the ability to laugh you out of a somber mood with a mere turn of a phrase. There was a time, in his teenage years, that I took him to task for an imagined offense because my mind mistakenly raced ahead of his explanation of his whereabouts on a particular occasion.

When I apologized for misjudging the situation, he quietly said, “That’s okay, Mrs. Conclusion Jumper.” No animosity, no recrimination, not a tinge of resentment was forthcoming from his seventeen-year-old mouth; just “That’s okay, Mrs. Conclusion Jumper.” I’ve never forgotten that sentence, and it was a sentence in more ways than one–because I did jump to conclusions more often than I cared to admit. It was a life lesson.

How many times do we jump to conclusions, mistakenly taking something totally out of context, and in that very act, potentially destroying a lifelong relationship or friendship?

The wonderful thing about life is that it gives us so many chances to learn its lessons. It sends people to us like this dear son to point us in the right direction, to make us aware of our shortcomings, and to change our way of thinking and looking at things.

It is up to us to learn these lessons, wherever and from whomever they are coming. It is up to us to see that we just might have come to the wrong conclusion.

I would love to think that some who read this blog will get just a little bit of insight, but…I don’t want to jump to conclusions.


2 thoughts on “Mrs. Conclusion Jumper

  1. Hi Patricia! Well, I’m back from my East coast trip and enjoyed it quite a bit. Hope this finds you well. When you get a chance let me know how things are going. When I get a chance, I’ll reply. I am SOO far behind right now!! Steve

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