A Pastor’s Response

My Precious Life, my book, has received many positive and promising reviews, and this one, which landed in my Inbox yesterday, is among the most encouraging.

The writer of this message can be found in Chapter 23, page 89, of My Precious Life. He is mentioned in only one sentence, and yet that sentence seems to have moved him to this response.

Lawrence Crews is Senior Pastor at Calvary Community Church in Barrie, Ontario, and has given me permission to share his words.

This then, is a Pastor’s response: 

Today at 10:49 AM
Dear Mrs Boyes,
Thank you so much.
I just finished reading your beautiful book. I am deeply moved. I feel honoured.
I am blessed. I am encouraged. I am chosen.
Tears flow down my face as I write. I am truly amazed at the love and care of our God toward you, toward me, toward each of our loved ones and so many others as well.
God’s grace, peace and kindness have again leapt into my heart – this time from the pages of your book. Thank you.
Your old brown Toyota will always hold a special place of memory in my heart. December 18, 1977. My life changed forever that evening at Scarborough Gospel Temple. Jesus Christ sought me. Thank God I was found by him.
How could I have known the rich heritage of God moving in your life? Thank you for being willing and obedient to write.
I am in awe. I am comforted. If God is for us then who can be against us?
Thank you for sharing your precious life so beautifully with pen and paper. I know you now a thousand times more than ever before. My life is that much the richer.
You will be delighted to know…
I woke early this morning and was able to get a good start on the day. I treated myself to breakfast and your book at a quiet, local greasy spoon. It’s a great way for me to read without interruption.
Out of the blue the waitress asked, “What book are you reading?”
Instantly I knew God was at work-again. I shared with her about December 18 and how my life changed that night forever.
She curiously asked me some more questions about the book. I asked her if she would like to read it. 🙂
I’m leaving it with her now.
Thirty-seven years later, I’m humbled and thankful to know that God still speaks to us and through us even today.
With deepest respect, honour and thanks,

Lawrence 😎

It is with a thankful heart that I share this glowing tribute to My Precious Life, the book, which, through Jeremiah 30:2, God prompted me to write.

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