A Year Without God?

There is a young man, Ryan Bell, a former pastor who is questioning his faith. In January of this year he decided to give up on God and try atheism for one year.  His blog is called Year Without God.

I can’t even imagine going on a journey like that, and wonder if brave would be an apt adjective to describe him.

From what I understand, we can give up on God, but God doesn’t give up on us. I’m sure Ryan is on par with the prodigal son right now and I pray he doesn’t have to hit the pig sty before returning to his Father. I’ll be reading more about this young man and his struggle with his faith.

He says he’ll still be blogging at the end of the year and he’ll just change the name to Two Years Without God or A Year With God, depending on who wins the arm wrestling match.

My money’s on God. Even Solomon turned away from God at one time, but returned and wrote the book of Ecclesiastes to describe what he learned. I love that book.

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