The time has come to recognize the fact that just as a band-aid is needed for a cut, a cold-pack for a bump, a heating pad for an ache, a lozenge for a cough…a hug is needed for a bruised spirit. “I need a hug!” It is a prescription asking to be filled; a cry for compassion; a soul seeking to be soothed; a human need waiting to be met. Whether you are the one in need or the one to meet the need, just know that that hug will benefit all who embrace it. And you don’t need money or a drug plan; just a caring heart and two willing arms.

2 thoughts on “Rx….Hugs

  1. My Dear Friend

    Thank you for listening to me last night. You were right, a super hug lightens a bruised spirit. But as well as the hug, it is important to have a caring friend like you to talk to. Thank you for being so caring.

    Went to the doctor today and he thinks I’ve got a case of influenza. He sent me for an ex ray just to be sure it’s not pneumonia. Will hear tomorrow if it is. Gave me a prescription for Tamiflu, a puffer and Tylenol for the fever. So much for the flu shot. There are some nasty viruses out there

    Love you Sandy

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