She bit me!

Having just concluded a conversation with a congregation member whose husband had recently been diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease, I happened upon a blog relating to LBD. Because of the timing, circumstances, and potentional helpfulness of the post, I am reblogging it here.

Lewy, Momma, and Me

Okay, so the title makes it sound all dramatic.  I was simply trying to get Momma’s teeth out for the night and she bit down.  Kind of hard.  I jumped and yelped and then Momma proceeded to apologize profusely. For a split second I could see the Momma of my childhood.  The one who had total concern for her children’s health and well being.  The one who would not purposely hurt me and was horrified to think she may have.  The one who made everything better when you were having a rough time.

Not the one who stares at you glassy eyed.  Not the one who had tremors so bad last night we almost thought she was having a seizure.  Not the one who answers most questions with a “yes.. no.. ”  after a few minutes. Not the one I have to change as she moans “oh no, oh no”…

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