To Your Self Be True

In 2003, for whatever reason (memory fails me), I wrote the following for someone special in my life.

To Your Own Self Be True

Act in the way that is true to your own intelligence and beliefs.

Remember that no one can rob you of your own power unless you allow them to do so.

Stand tall and face indignity with dignity, and indecency with decency.

Look truth in the face and use it to overcome deceit.

Remember the respect you have for yourself and those you love, and let no one rob you of that respect.

Always use your inner strength to walk away from a bad situation, and where possible, take someone with you who needs to lean on your strength until they discover their own. The life you save may be your own or that of a friend.

Remember that you are loved dearly by those who matter. Love yourself just as dearly, always.





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