Only One God . Period

An overheard discussion about there being more than one God really caught my interest. How can that be? Coming from an unexpected source, the conversation threatened to collapse my whole system of belief…a belief that has been an integral part of my life since I was four years old.

Without getting into the nitty-gritty of what other religions, atheists, agnostics, or even Christians believe about God, let me just say that after pondering this weighty question, here is what I came up with.

I knew God before ever laying eyes on a Bible or becoming a Christian (which isn’t a criteria for believing in Him). How? Because when I was four years old, an elderly lady told me about him and taught me the “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer which at age seventy-eight, is still in my psyche, word for word. I was told about him and I believed.

It is generally perceived that the Ten Commandments (which I learned in high school when I was thirteen) were written by God and given to Moses to benefit the Israelites. Following is the first Commandment:

“I am the Lord your God…You shall have no other Gods before me…” (the Torah)

“There is no God except one God” (the Quran)

“I am the Lord your God…You shall have no other Gods before me…(the Bible)

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Book of Mormon)

God created all people, but there are those who choose not to acknowledge him, or to disown him altogether.

Let me put it another way. Suppose one of my children decides they don’t want me for a mother. Suppose they choose to ignore me and my rules and regulations for their lives. Suppose they choose to instead, adopt a friend’s mother or a mother-in-law to replace me. They have the free will to do that, but it does not change the fact that I am their mother. Nothing will change that.

So with God; we can ignore him, misinterpret him, disown him, put our own spin on him, but the fact remains…He is God…the One, the Only…God. Period.

6 thoughts on “Only One God . Period

  1. I am a Christian and have gone to the same church since I was little. I tried a couple of different churches in my time, but always came right back to mine. I believe they teach the purest truth…there is but one God, period! He is called the Great I Am. He has always existed and will always exist…that fact is what I believe. Nothing else has come along in my life to change my opinion of that!


      • Patricia, I re-read both your post and my comment and I believe my zealous agreement with your conclusions may have been mistaken as something else. I am so sorry if that was the case!

        Your post is marvelous and I agree with your thinking 100%! I am trying to back you up in my comment but see how it sounds aggressive, perhaps?

        Not at all the case. People can make what they will of the Great Almighty. God gave each of us that right. But it doesn’t change the fact that He IS God.

        Again, my apologies for any misunderstandings…

        Steve 🙂

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