“Reunited and it feels so good”…those are the only words I like in the song of the same title.

Yesterday I was reunited with the me I used to be. It happened with Abba, the Swedish singing group. Actually,  it was “The Best of Abba” CD with such hits as Supertrouper, Dancing Queen, Waterloo, and Fernando, among other great songs.

Dancing was a huge part of my younger life. I loved it! Somehow it went by the wayside when debilitating health problems took a toll on my body.

It was on a one hour drive that I popped the CD into its slot and the me I used to be was suddenly behind the wheel of my 2006 Kia Magenta SX.

Oh, the joy of feeling that music coursing through me, caused my  entire body to react to the sounds vibrating from the speakers. I could have been on a dance floor instead of a highway.

For a full hour I relived my dancing days, and really felt the meaning of “Reunited and it feels so good”. The me I used to be was happy to be back and I welcomed her with open arms, if not dancing feet.

Think we’ll stay connected😊

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