Steve – A Blessing in Bloggersville

Today, I’d like to pay homage to a new friend in Bloggersville. His name is Steve. Steve is recovering from a hip and leg injury suffered from a fall in July. Steve thinks he is behind in replying to other people’s bogs, but believe me, he is way ahead of the game. This young man (he sounds like a young man) is the epitome of encouragement to me; always commenting positively on so many of my posts that it keeps a permanent smile on my face.

Steve is a Christian and introduces himself this way:


I am happy to share my Christian faith with you in various ways. I belong to a non-denominational group of Christians modeled after the New Testament church described in Acts chapter two. My intent is to worship God while in service to others. I believe in promoting Godly love, because the Lord God IS love! Please contact us here or at our website for more information! Thank you so much!

I am happy to share Steve’s site with you because he writes profoundly beautiful and inspiring works.

Wishing you well with your recovery, Steve, and thank you for shining your light on My Precious Life.

4 thoughts on “Steve – A Blessing in Bloggersville

  1. Patricia, I don’t know what to say…I am happy and humbled as well! This is one of the nicest things anyone in “Bloggersville” has ever done for me. I have actually had many wonderful people make mention of me in the past, but not in such a big way as this!

    You have made my week, maybe my month Patricia. This is what true Christians do, they build each other up in Godly love

  2. Oops I hit the send button just before I was quite finished…ha! I just wanted to finish by saying thanks for this so much Patricia. Bless the Lord for your wonderful heart!


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