Huggies, Not to be Mistaken

It may appear from the title that this is about those absorbent paper pants that cover a baby’s bottom for comfort; not so my friends.

This is about all the hugs I received at church yesterday from all my huggy friends. I’m a bit of a hug fanatic and seem to have gained a reputation for this. But others appear to enjoy getting hugs too, and that’s a good thing.

Like a squirrel storing food in his cheeks, yesterday’s hugs are stored in my heart in case there are no more until next Sunday.

I sometimes joke that I go to church for the hugs, but that includes God’s hugs as well.

“Have you and God had a hug of the heart today?” It’s a question I read somewhere and realized how uplifting it is when we spend time with Him, either on Sunday or any day of the week, just how much that feels like a heavenly hug.

Huggies…whether God hugs or human hugs, are indeed a source of comfort. Have you had yours today?



2 thoughts on “Huggies, Not to be Mistaken

  1. A good thought! Our church family has a number of huggers too and they pass them around freely. We also have a great group who love the Lord and “hug” Him as well. It’s also a nice thought to think about sharing hugs and everything with God each day! Steve

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