Not Alone

It is one of those years when Christmas is not going to be very merry for some people. There are those who have lost loved ones over this past year, or even over a few years, who, although surrounded by family and friends will still feel alone. It comes with the territory; their special person is no longer with them to share the season with. There will be no special gift to think about, no one to decorate the tree with, no one to put their pinky to the wishbone with them. Each year gets a little easier, but for those spending a first Christmas without their loved one, this will be the most difficult.

Let there be some consolation in the words of Jesus in Matthew 28:20, “And surely I am with you always…”

If we believe in those words, feel the memory of love, submit to the peace of the season, we will realize that in most ways we are not alone.



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