100 Years and Counting!

I was delighted to hear that one of our church members recently celebrated his one hundredth birthday with not one, but two celebrations.  This delightful gentleman is of tall, straight stature and occupies a third from the front row pew every Sunday. He continues to drive, and up until a few years ago, drove “old” people to their appointments. He keeps fit by doing “the bicycle” every morning, walking every day, except for icy weather, and climbing up and down stairs during television commercials. He belongs to a community center where he enjoys shuffleboard and other activities. He is pleasant to look at, pleasant to speak with, and travels a few miles out of town every weekend to visit his daughter.

Because of being “under the weather”, I missed the church celebration of his Big Day, which I hear was a huge success with lots of food, two giant cakes, and a pile of birthday cards. I hope I’m well for his one hundred and twentieth!

So the Lord said, “My spirit won’t remain with human beings forever because they are truly mortal. Their lifespan will be one hundred and twenty years.” (Genesis 6:3 ISV)






3 thoughts on “100 Years and Counting!

  1. A truly delightful story about a very delightful sounding man! Our church congregation has several seniors in it so I marvel at how some of them just keep so vital, by the grace of the Lord! Thanks for sharing this one, Patricia Ann…


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