To Write or Not to Write?

That is the question. Not to write is not the answer for me. When I’m not writing it feels like a part of me has gone missing.

If my blogging falls behind, someone will call to see if I’m still alive. “Why do you ask?” I ask. “Well, you haven’t been writing,” they say. So you see, it seems to them that I have gone missing also, which is a good thing…I’m happy to be missed in that way.

To write is a part of who I am and it is one of my favorite pastimes. Not to write feels like I’m being derelict in one of my life missions. After all it was God, who got me started on this path, with all His admonitions in the Bible about writing.

“Write in a book all the words l have spoken to you.” Jeremiah 30:2

“Write down the revelation…” Habakkuk 2:2

“Write on a scroll what you see…”Revelation 1:11

“Write this down…” Revelation 21;5

These are just a few scriptures that inspired me to write.

And so you see, to write or not to write is really not the question; the question is what to keep writing about?

If anyone out there would like to send forth some helpful ideas, I am totally receptive. What would you like to see in print?



4 thoughts on “To Write or Not to Write?

  1. This is nicely written… although I do think if you haven’t got anything to write about on a certain day, then you could just skip that day! If I’ve got a problem, it’s the opposite – I’ve got so much to say, and so little time to write!
    Anyhow, to be practical: if you’re looking for daily inspiration, you could always sign up for the Daily Post and they send you daily prompts. Or you could look at some of the many photo challenges out there – even if you don’t do photography, you could use the prompt as something to write about. Then there’s ideas inspired by the news, by other people’s blogs, by books, by memories…

  2. I write because it is part of me. I am such a deep thinker and love to tell stories. Writing is a place for memories, to save your thoughts, and to use your imagination. Just keep writing

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